Republican Billy Long Wants You to Pay $5 for a McDonald’s Hamburger by Ending Farm Subsidies

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Some insight, before getting into the Fuse Joplin’s story, the USDA pays farmers to grow corn that is not profitable for livestock feed. This ensures the cost of meat and other groceries are affordable for consumers. Ending these subsidies like Billy Long hopes to, means consumers will be paying more for groceries.

From The Fuse Joplin:

(JOPLIN, Mo.) Billy Long received the endorsement of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Political Action Committee late Friday, based on a survey he submitted to the organization.

“In this time of massive new government spending and bailouts, huge budget deficits, public debt, and inefficient bureaucracies, taxpayers need friends in Washington who will defend their interests, not the special interests,” said Thomas Schatz, Chairman of CCAGW PAC

In the survey, Long pledged himself to spending cuts, support of free trade, and budget reform.

“I strongly believe that the government’s ability to tax and spend should be strictly limited and tied to a small percentage of national GDP,” Long wrote.

Long also said ‘yes’ to ending agriculture subsidies. “Our food supply is important and should be able to operate in a free market without the distortions of government’s politically motivated subsidies,” Long wrote.

He signed the “No Pork Pledge” in his survey. The criteria of the pledge? The earmark can not be requested by one member of congress, would have to be competitively awarded, and not exceed the budget request.

Long in the past has pledged to do them one better – no earmarks.

In the survey, Long wrote, “I will not take any earmarks and I believe that the practice of earmarking should be eliminate.”

Long said the United States Postal service was a ‘failure,’ and said he would be for privatization of it.

“Entities like the USPS, Fannie and Freddie, are proven economic failures that operate at losses constantly. Service and profitability would be enhanced by privatization.”

Long also said hew could be for opening ANWR in Alaska to “lower energy prices.”

The group is also backing incumbent Congressmen Todd Akin (MO-2) and Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO-9.)


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